A tool that may be used to find the vehicle maker disable procedures is the I-CAR developed OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Disable Search.

Body Repair News is more than just a token few pages of new model highlights. The premier issue is 10 pages of technical information collision repair professionals need to know, everything from colored diagrams showing strengths of steel (see Figure 1), to new structure applications, to structural foam locations, and repair guidelines. Body Repair News summarizes new body and vehicle technology that may affect collision and other body repairs. It is not intended to replace the detailed information contained in the body repair and service manuals. Rather, it simply helps collision repair industry personnel understand why using the vehicle maker service information is so important to complete and safe repairs.

The new Acura MDX has a front door ring reinforcement made of 1,500 MPa steel. 9252 Figure 2 - This colored illustration shows the materials and strengths of steel used on the 2014 Acura MDX. (Photo courtesy of American Honda Motor Co, Inc.)During replacement, where spot welding does not reach, Honda specifies MIG brazing and no GMA (MIG) plug welds. In the publication, the restrictions for welding on the 1,500 MPa steel are not only spelled out in detail, there are photos of what can go wrong if welds are done on this steel (see Figure 2).

Several other welding precautions and guidelines are included. Also included are details on the passive restraint system on the vehicle, and electrical repair information, which shows how Honda wants repairs done on wiring pigtails and connectors.

Body Repair News is available on the opening page of the Service Express website. Click on "Industry Position Statements & Body Repair News", and then scroll down to Body Repair News. It is provided free of charge, along with the company's position statements and emergency response guides. Click below to preview the first two editions:

Body Repair News July 2013: 2014 Acura MDX PDF
Body Repair News August 2013: 2013 Honda Accord PDF

This article first appeared in the August 16, 2013 edition of the I-CAR Advantage Online.

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