Welcome to the Jaguar Land Rover Authorized Collision Repair Network Training Resource Page!

You will find information here regarding the Jaguar Land Rover Live training that is offered exclusively by I-CAR for the JLR Collision Network Technicians at the I-CAR Tech Center in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Steel Structural Training Reassessment Registration Form

The Steel Reassessment Program is required for those that did not successfully complete the steel welding programs at the I-CAR Tech Center OR for technicians that are renewing their 3-year JLR weld certifications. 4-day reassessments can be taken instead of the full 5-day programs for those that completed training successfully AFTER 1/1/2015. For example, a technician passing a 5-Day JLR welding program in January of 2015 will require recertification by January 2018 to remain compliant. All technicians taking training prior to January 1, 2015 must take the 5-day programs, not the 4-day reassessments.

By clicking this button I acknowledge that the JLR technician(s) and repair facility management registering for the welding program at I-CAR understand:

  • they must review and know the JLR welding standards they will be tested on.
  • they will be taking welding assessment tests at I-CAR.
  • the welding assessment test piece must be completed without flaws.
  • flaws on the welding assessment test piece result in a referral or test failure.
  • referred technicians must attend a 4-day welding assessment retest session at the expense of the facility.
  • they must practice using the information delivered in the online training videos from the I-CAR JLR web page.
  • they must be capable of doing the welds described in the video training modules prior to attending the training and tests at I-CAR.
  • if they are having difficulty doing the welds for the program they are attending, it is possible they will not be able to improve enough during the training session to pass the assessment test at the end of the course.
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