2017 Ford Super Duty Outer Box Side: UPDATE

2017 Ford Super Duty Outer Box Side: UPDATE

New body design, new procedures, new instruction sheets, same repair question; “What self-piercing rivets (SPRs) should we use to replace the outer box side on the 2017 Ford Super Duty?”

Once again we presented this question to Ford for verification and were told that SPRs are not an option for outer box side replacement. Technicians should use either plug welds or the specific blind rivets (W707638-S900C) that are referenced in the Ford Super Duty Box Side Outer Assembly Instruction Sheet.

UPDATE: In late 2020, Ford revised the F-150 outer box side replacement procedures to now include the use of SPRs in specified locations. This change only applies to the 2015 and newer F-150. Super Duty trucks will not be able to use SPRs for the repair procedure.

Click here for the full list of Ford Super Duty Instruction Sheets grouped by cab configuration.

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